Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Check out Silver Jews

Going to be a great show

ex members include Stephen Malkmus!!!!!!!!!!!

Show is at MILO on the 28th of August. This is a VERY rare oppertunity to see a GREAT band in a cool venue.

Check them out or check out a video

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome one and all

Hello everyone,

My name is Jackie and I am a 26yr old Computer Programmer. This means that I spend WAY too much time online randomly searching for nothingness. I live in a fringe (my girlfriend would call it suburban but it is more like the Lincoln Park) of Columbus and love art and music.

Being, IMHO, one of the most up-and-coming art communities on the planet, has caused me to develop a love hate relationship with this city. I love the culture, SOME of the groups of people, and how easy it is to make (or in my case spend) money but I hate the winter weather, the suburban mindset, and the lack of diverse natural wonders (Beaches on the ocean, mountains, etc).

I really see potential in Columbus, and that is probably my favorite part of it. The music here is great with alternative bands like The Cheater Slicks, Earwig, and Aether(Sorry guys I don't know how to do the little AE thing)to great Blues act like the AMAZING Willies Willie Pooch and Willie Pheonix, and if you reach a little (only a little) Ohio can claim the Pixies, Breeders, and The Black Keys, not too shabby at all. Also Chicago is only a short 6 hours away, opening up great venues like the double door, vic, and Kingston Mines.

What about art? Well considering my girlfriend is an aspiring Independent artist in the area I am a little biased, however, short of maybe Chicago this IS the spot for indie art in the mid-west. There is a higher concentration of indie galleries in Columbus then I have found in much larger cities, and the city does a great job of supporting it.

I guess there is a reason Columbus is still growing while other Ohio cities die out, America get ready for your next big city,


Thanks for stopping by!