Thursday, April 9, 2009

My new Hackintosh

For sometime I have had an iPhone and its been great, however after a year of watching my ideas cashed in on by others, I decided I needed a mac to develop iPhone apps. I didn't want to buy a desktop and I didn't want to spend $1000 so I thought I was confined to scrounging craigslist for a used one.

Then I found this.

There are a couple things that are not very well explained here and some things require access to a forum site. So here is my opinion on doing this.


  • Everything cost me $450 saving me $549

  • Absolutely Silent

  • long battery life

  • 3 USB ports and vga out allow for larger monitor/keyboard


  • Small Screen

  • Awkward Keyboard

  • Small harddrive
  • '

There are some things you should know starting off...

1.) Get a 32gb SSD although the tutorial says 16gb this is hardly enough and there is a good deal here.
2.)The external optical drive is WAY easier, spend the extra $50 on a ok one.
3.) Command is alt and alt is windows button on keyboard

I will add more information on my experience as I go

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